Saturday 18 July 2015

Virginia's View Challenge #16

Here's my card
It's for the current challenge at Virginia's View Challenge

I tried several times to create a stamped card with sentiment stamps. I kept unintentionally adding bits of ink to the card. GRRR! So, it was time to change directions. I don't know why but I felt "paisley" was the way to go. Of course, I couldn't find my drafting curve templates. So, I had to freehand draw a paisley. I think that it turned out OK. I cut it out from a removable sticky label. Then, of course, I realized that I needed the "outside" piece and not the actual paisley. Double GRRR! So, I cut out another paisley, taking care to preserve the "outside" piece, which I placed on a piece of cardstock. Using just about every small flower stamp I own and almost every Hero Arts shadow ink I own, I created this. I felt it needed a flourish-y (is that a word?) sentiment and settled on this WPlus9 sentiment.

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