Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Online Card Classes - Background Check - Day 2

Homework for Day 2 - Stamping Techniques

Here's my homework for Online Card Classes
Background Check course.
I used a variety of stamps to achieve this look. This technique requires a lot of patience (well, it did for me, anyway). I used a piece of lined paper to help me keep the lines parallel. I experienced some difficulty applying ink to the stamp on my stamp press. The ink seemed to go all over the stamp press too. I would try to remember to wipe off the extra ink. Usually, only one or two stamps from the "end", I would forget and end up with a splotch of ink, right where I didn't want it! It was frustrating. However, with patience, a finished plaid could be achieved.

I asked a question in the forum about this. Laura Bassen responded that she "tap taps" the ink on the stamp and find that helps to keep the ink on the stamp and not the stamp press. I tried this and indeed, it seemed to help.

I didn't want to add to each line (the diagonals are longer than the stamps), so the corners are uninked. I would probably trim the panel and find a way to use it that way.

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