Friday, 21 October 2011

busyizzi and family

My scrapbooking friend, Charlyn, aka busyizzi, her dh and their 3 ds came for a visit.  They live south of Seattle and wanted to visit Canada, since they all had passports.  Her ds were excited to visit a "foreign" land.  I think that they were a little disappointed that Vancouver didn't seem so different from cities in the States.  About the only thing different, was the currency.  It was unfortunate that it rained quite heavily this morning and we quickly were  soaked.  Our plan to go across the Capilano Suspension Bridge was replaced by a visit to the Vancouver Museum where we stayed dry!  When we emerged from the museum, we were greeted by brighter skies and NO RAIN!  The boys took off their shoes and enjoyed playing on the beach.  Our day ended with a dinner at White Spot - even foley joined us.  Perfect ...

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